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Via Umberto Cosmo 68
Ceneda, 31029 Vittorio Veneto
Tel: 335 6644612

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Osteria Da Rico

Dear guest, welcome to our "osteria".

  • Cuisine

    Traditional Veneto dishes that offer quality, variety and flavors of the season, made with carefully chosen local ingredients.

  • Tavern

    A careful selection of wines combined with the typical local cuisine will accompany you in the rediscovery of our traditional culture.

  • The Osteria “da Rico” was a historic meeting place of Ceneda in 1952. After several changes in name and management, in 2008 it is restored to its original name and tradition. Come rediscover the traditional tastes and flavours of Vittorio Veneto.


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The osteria where you feel at home, where you are always in good company!

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